Sunday, December 28

Friday, December 26

a perfect spot

- in between all the cooking and tidying and dish washing that I seem to forget that Christmas is a lot about... & a 197cm tall, dark headed gentleman of a brother in law serving me Chinese hand tied green tea in a huge cup as I had sunk into the corner next to the new, beautiful fire place after a delicious dinner; can it be better? *laughter from all the kids playing Wii Super Smash Bros in the back ground*
John Ajvide Lindqvist: Låt den rätte komma inn - only, just started :)

ice skating

Thursday, December 25


Wednesday, December 24

just a little sleep

... and then it's Christmas...

Sunday, December 21

handywoman revived

Holidays are supposed to be about doing other stuff than one usually does. Today I have been wood and concrete hammering and drilling, helping out my father humidity isolating (?!) his new built garage (sliding & climbing claustrophobically between concrete walls and huge rocks) before the snow comes and starts melting again. Nice change from all the laptop work - and quite comforting to see that I am still capable of actually figuring out practical stuff, beside all the writing, reading and thinking... And whatever work related I thought I might just get done before Wednesday in spite of vacation having started, simply floated further and further away -. Geez, that just feels so comfortable...

tree hunt with pancakes

love love love

slow december

someone knits

although my shoulders stop me! good to have some inspiration, though!

c u

berninian renaissance

I have just understood what Bernini tried, and managed, to grasp and form using marble as material...: An intense relief and cool peacefullness that presumably takes place on the border between life & death & love & passion...

12 fallacies in contemporary adaption theory

As the next weekend came, I had to stay put in Lekeland for an afternoon. I brought 12 fallacies in contemporary adaption theory by Thomas Leitch, stuffed ear plugs in my ears, listened to Band of Horses (taking me back to Kongens Have and Amager Beach) and got really excited...

tiden er guds hemmelighed

First Monday after STING I watched the newly released Tiden er Guds hemmelighed - a documentary about the Danish author Leif Hasle and his oeuvre; a film that in an excellent way captures what (to me) stands out as the dominating mood of (those that I have read of) Hasle's books: A kind of Proustian aesthetic remembrance that although deemed to be fragmentary, seems so convincing...?

1st of december

- and evenings...

post sting slow, slow weekend start

back to the blogosphere

I have been out of blogging for weeks - after what turned out to be the successful :) STING-08 conference on gender and aesthetics, in the end of November. You may read about it on Studyfeminism (Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st 2008), here in Stavanger Aftenblad or here on UoS' home pages. It was fantastic to have Anne Gjelsvik, Jørgen Bruhn, Lilian Munk Rösing, Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen, Toril Moi and Beate Hølmebakk here for several days - and with our more than 90 participants we had really good discussions between artists and academics. I will try to catch up some when I feel like it. It's already Christmas holidays for my part (apart from one week off this fall I haven't been on vacation since Easter), and I'm enjoying just trying to calm down, as in really, really calm down - with kids and family and still a few days to go before the 24th...