Sunday, January 25

what to say

This afternoon I finally had to admit that my 11 year old son is now taller than my 175 cms - & we cannot really stop feeding him either?

beautiful hellestø


Saturday, January 24

fish soup

Cod, two sorts of pollock, halibut, trout and haddock (angler was cooked for the juicy stuff) are the fishes included in tonight's fish soup. Carrots, spring onions, garlic, yellow onion, red chili, parsley, yellow, red and green peppers are the vegetables - cream to add & petit chablis to top & accompany the lot.

Thursday, January 22


fleece and pashmina

voloshinov and bakhtin

japanese green tea

from den kinesiske butik, rosengården, københavn

Tuesday, January 20

inspiratio 3/

inspiratio 2/


ja du er flink flink flink flink flink flink flink flink flink,
ja du er flink flink flink flink flink flink flink flink flink
herregud du er så flink og spesiell...


ja, du er søren meg flink
for deg er allting mulig
du kan lage ting
100 % naturlig
du er selveste menneske
for deg går allting an
du er så god til å tenke
du kan legge en plan
har du lagt en plan?
har du lagt en plan??
du må legge en plan!


ida maria og de lillos (2009)


Sunday, January 18


home made at least -

indie architecture

"If Knut Hjeltnes was a pop group he would be called indie. The masses may never discover him, but he prefers the small-scale. Meet one of the Nordic area's most interesting architects."
here in Forum Aid 4.07, quarterly review of Nordic architecture, interiors and design.

very late sunday morning

For 6 hours or so yesterday I thought everyone was out of flus and colds and fever and coughing. That was before one who hadn't been ill started crying because of pain in his ears. As soon as he fell asleep, exhausted on my lap, the next one came, and she got it really bad. The two of us have hardly slept this night... That is why we woke up at 12h - and why I am still having breakfast.

I woke up by the sound of four very excited young boys loudly playing around the house, and since I'm really out of training concerning nights awake with children (it must be years since last time) I'm completely knackered. Good thing, then, that I could just pop by the kitchen, get (way to much) breakfast; smoothie, cold porridge, brownies, tea, juice, milk and brown sugar - bring it all to my bed room and return under the sheets with my lap top and my new Ottolenghi cookbook that I got for Christmas, with that lovely Sky Rider (1930) card you see at the top! (and all of that while wearing the beautiful knit silk tweed top that I got for my birthday from the same source...; soft and warm...) The book is a real treat :) and I so much want to cook... I will have to make room for some culinary experimenting soon. Maybe next weekend?

For the time being I am staying put under the duvé to read some Le Clézio. That's all I can imagine doing right now, as the rains drops keep falling on my head (or at least on the ceiling window above it)... I am still extremely excited and happy about the project that the architect presented Thursday. Cannot wait to show and tell more, but that'll be somewhat later in the process...

For the time being; slow and peacefully -. If I stay here long enough I might possibly work up some appetite for those brownies??

Saturday, January 17

volià; fini!

in 2 hours - for 2 hours

16 kids, cakes, candle lights, presents, singing -

Friday, January 16


Perfect day to listen to De Lillos and Ida Maria's new single "Flink". I could use it. You can hear a taste of it here - but it's best to get the entire song.

Lovely weekend to those who more or less silently read my blog...

bonus treat

excitement in a box

Thursday called for sparkling at Litteraturhuset (and hot cocoa against the cold)

one week old

Wednesday, January 14

creative multiplication

It seems my children have inherited my love for maths as well as a creative approach to understanding it

I always figured there must exist some kind of short cut from beautiful mathematical logic to aesthetic ungraspability...


Someone needs a hair cut - but I'm happy he totally refuses cutting it short...

Tuesday, January 13

le voyage du ballon rouge

I have been feeling under the weather for a few days, mostly sleeping and not doing a lot. This afternoon I started to feel better, not least thanks to an announced, looked-forward-to gift from my film inspirator no. 1! in my snail mail box ;): a dvd with Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge (2008) by the Taiwanian director Hsiao-hsien Hou.

I was prepared for an aesthetic event that would move me on a number of levels, and the expectations were delicately (and heteromedially...) fulfilled; visually, narratively, metropolitanely, emotionally, culinarilly, musically,
language wise, memory wise, colour wise; - epistemologically - ethically - aesthetically... These were all more or less foreseen, although luckily perfectly unidentifiable, aspects, that I have been heartily looking forward to experiencing since I was told of the soon arrival of the snail mail parcel on Sunday... Mmmmmmmmm...

Now, obviously; contextually, this event carried with it expectations created by the the mere identity of the recommender :) That, no doubt, gives extra dimensions to the viewing experience. Additonally (& most unexpectedly) the more concrete viewer context also brought a different dimension into the lot. I have lately been watching quite a few movies with my eldest son, but they have always been more or less safe bets genre wise, for an 11 year old. As it turned out I proposed him to watch the movie with me, making sure he'd simply withdraw quietly to his Donald Duck's in bed, with no further discussion, if he didn't find it worthwhile (he is not one to keep it going if he's bored...) To my very touched and great pleasure, not only did he watch the movie attentively with me; he also insisted he liked it a lot - especially the mood - - -


I see a vast, totally unanticipated ocean of possible collectively experienced aesthetic events opening before me. (-and imagine; he also is an appreciating tea drinker... *sigh*)

I will be moving on to bed shortly, hopefully to wake up to a productive work day in the morning. Thank you so much once again; I am already comfortably used to this so far unfailed hitting the nail on the head-ability that you seem to posess regarding what kind of aesthetic events touch me... ;)

Sunday, January 11

day 1 to an end

Since this morning - to be ended Saturday 17th at 15h - we celebrate 7 years. And today was a good first day... Now; quiet tea and some telly or a book.

the ocean of blue green silk...

... I got for Christmas has turned into something between a scarf and a shawl of Himalaya (hand dyed, I think) hand woven (I know) mulberry silk. Every stitch has been knit with the warmest thoughts, filled the most comfortable (non stressing :) creative energy (with a cup'a within reach...) for the one to whom I'm sending it by snail mail in the morning - a warm and always inspiring friend! It has been knit on size 5 bamboo needles, the smallest size recommended (and therefore more tight than not), but that's presumably also why my shoulders have cooperated ;) I figure the receiver will recognize it although she hasn't seen it before. It's a give-away regarding the peaceful images that have been in my head while knitting - and it turned out to be exactly what I recalled when I checked the source this afternoon...