Monday, January 5

different worlds

It's the first proper work day today- and I am so ready. I have cheated somewhat and started thinking about what I should do today - and the next week - and the next month - and the next semester - already this weekend; & I cannot wait. The kids are off to school - that went a lot better than expected after way to many late, late Christmas holiday evenings - & I have poured my tea. It's minus 8 degrees C outside, which is really cold for South-Western Norway; a beautiful dark blue, starlit, frozen sky.

It would be a perfect morning, but we are all upset and marked by the outrageous disaster taking place in Gaza. I am worried about my friends living in the Palestine/Israeli area, although they are presumably (hopefully!) far from the war zone. Doesn't help a lot as the news of new bombings and calamities keep ticking in... It was brought right into our self protected cluster as an sms from Mads Gilbert was passed on to my cell yesterday afternoon.
While we have been sleeping, they haven't...

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