Thursday, January 8

the gaza crisis

I am so worried for my friends in the area. Some I have heard from, some not. Right now I am so glad we have e-mail...

This situation is way beyond where moral clarity can exist. In that way I can only imagine it possible to find the opportunity of resting in something similar to any kind of internal peace in the idea of the now; of becoming; of hope; of the impossibility of overviewing the situation, and the necessity - and sole possibility - to act due to the basic feeling that so much suffering only entails a lot more potential disaster than any possibility of the resolutions that either side imagine possible.

This is a two-sided hostage situation where the unbearable sufferances of civilians on both sides is a price that fundamentalists and extremists seem to be able to accept and live perfectly well with, as long as the wounded are on the other side - and such a point of view is beyond humanity, and cannot be accepted... The situation in extremely complex and there are no doubt reason to understand how people on both sides feel that they can vindicate the rights to protect themselves against threats, but the actions involved turn out to be much more questions of attack than protection - and so many innocent people are harmed by it in the most devastating manner... It can hardly be described as anything but inhuman.

Insufferable as it does seem, living so explicitly on the brink of what is to come, on the threshold of what comes next, in spite of how hard it is to be situated morally torn between the different rights and wrongs regarding what to do, say and think, I think bewilderness is the only sane way of experiencing and living through this catastrophe...

- and the war actions need to stop - NOW!

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