Sunday, January 18

very late sunday morning

For 6 hours or so yesterday I thought everyone was out of flus and colds and fever and coughing. That was before one who hadn't been ill started crying because of pain in his ears. As soon as he fell asleep, exhausted on my lap, the next one came, and she got it really bad. The two of us have hardly slept this night... That is why we woke up at 12h - and why I am still having breakfast.

I woke up by the sound of four very excited young boys loudly playing around the house, and since I'm really out of training concerning nights awake with children (it must be years since last time) I'm completely knackered. Good thing, then, that I could just pop by the kitchen, get (way to much) breakfast; smoothie, cold porridge, brownies, tea, juice, milk and brown sugar - bring it all to my bed room and return under the sheets with my lap top and my new Ottolenghi cookbook that I got for Christmas, with that lovely Sky Rider (1930) card you see at the top! (and all of that while wearing the beautiful knit silk tweed top that I got for my birthday from the same source...; soft and warm...) The book is a real treat :) and I so much want to cook... I will have to make room for some culinary experimenting soon. Maybe next weekend?

For the time being I am staying put under the duvé to read some Le Clézio. That's all I can imagine doing right now, as the rains drops keep falling on my head (or at least on the ceiling window above it)... I am still extremely excited and happy about the project that the architect presented Thursday. Cannot wait to show and tell more, but that'll be somewhat later in the process...

For the time being; slow and peacefully -. If I stay here long enough I might possibly work up some appetite for those brownies??

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