Saturday, February 28

no one belongs here more than you

I came home from winter holidays yesterday, and found Miranda July in my mail - :D

No one belongs here more than you is a collection of short stories that in some sense remind me of Bavian and Naja Marie Aidt. No one... and Learning to love you more have been thoroughly blogged about by Siggen :) I have also gotten other July recommendations lately, and has definitely not been disappointed yet!

I also got the last two skeins of peruvian hand dyed merino for the shawl that I started a couple of weeks ago! I thought that would be knit over the holidays, but the store was out of stock, so that'll be for now. Between reading.

Quiet. Weekend. Mmm...

just love reading bakhtin again


on the beach

setting sun II

yellow yummies

picked up

I picked up my spider web kashmir knitting that I had to put down this summer when my shoulders started complaining.



spring like II

spring like I



what I've been dreaming of...

with a little help

setting sun