Tuesday, March 31

what art can do

The cognitive constituent illuminates, as it were, the aesthetic object from within; like a sober stream of water, it mixes with the wine of ethical tension and artistic consummation. But it is very far from condensing and solidifying to the point that it becomes a determinate judgment. Everything is recognized but not everything is identified in an adequate concept.

(Mikhail Bakhtin, PCMF, p. 287)

This is exactly what Miranda July - as Naja Maria Aidt - does to me. & in a very explicit manner. I recognize something that I didn't know existed - I am made aware of aspects of my (everyday) life that I had hereto not realized were there. And the aspects are intranslatable from the aesthetic sphere, because of the interwovenness of the ethical and epistemological constituents with aesthetic form. Still I know exactly what they are pointing to. Can one ask for more?


siggen said...

ja, vi kan be om mer, f.eks. at du skriver en liten artikkel om dette?
hilsen en hemmelig venn...

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