Friday, April 24

weird - love it

Among all my lovely, beloved friends, there are some I am in touch with once a year - some every 5 years - some more seldomly - some once every 3 months - some once a month - some once a week and some more or less regularily all the time, as in; there's something missing if we haven't been in touch for 24 hours... - 48 hours? - 72!?!

Right now that's where I am.

Although most friendly relationships move like waves: there are more frequent encounters in some periods, and not so frequent at other times, one sort of settles for the change of frequency; they're always there with me in a way, anyway... and once we see each other again, it's like I just left them a couple of hours ago.

It'll be like this time, too.

I'm just surprised to find myself thinking of it this way, since it hasn't been more than about 68 hours since I got the last e-mail... Only, this friend is someone quite recently discovered, in matter of lifetimes, and since we met there has not been many gaps at all. Some, yes, before we started getting the hang of the e-mailing and sms-ing, yes, but then - - - once we were on to it...?! Hm. - ! Funny. Well.

You get the point, don't you?: You are being missed... And I hope you'll get a splendid weekend that I would be shocked if went by without us being in touch... I got the one with the list back from school camp a couple of hours ago, and I hazard a guess we'll be watching some during the weekend... :)

Lovely weekend to everyone... ;)


Anonymous said...

Du er nå søt da!
Lover å sende en mail i løpet av helga : ) Knus

femiknitter said...

Først når du har tid! Du er jo både her og på sms ;)

femiknitter said...

... knus