Sunday, May 31

summer at skt. hans torv

. . .

25 degrees coming up

... heading for Kongens Have with my piquenique stuff and a few hundred pages to go and thinking to do ;)

Saturday, May 30

Friday, May 29

weekend start

Thursday, May 28

evening walk

yarn in klosterstræde

off the corner of Skindergade when you walk from Jorcks passage towards Købmagergade
walk past the road for Graabrødre Torv
there it is!
Bette Design - a world of yarn
this is some of the loveliest thin, thin baby alpacca I have ever felt
BC yarn
definitively something for a new project
and this hand dyed Manos del Uruguay of course...
just have to finish my Koigu project first!

I am a silk blend person...
one of my all time favourites
Nikolaj yarn
lamb's wool, alpacca and tussah silk

barcelona won - vor frue plads

by coincidence I ended up in the Barca part of the crowd
yesterday that was obviously a nice where to be