Sunday, May 24


I wanted to post a pic from my balcony breakfast, but I have some trouble with my bluetooth and cannot spend time fixing it now - I have to get working!

Started the day with
Katrine Marie Guldager (lovely colour of home page!!) bought at Atheneum yesterday afternoon - I have only one novella left, and I 'm saving it for a break afterwards... Guldager has a blogspot here (although she doesn't seem to post very often ;)

I'll be going back to Atheneum shortly. I just love it when I come in to a book shop (or any shop) with people who know what they're doing and there is someone there who knows what you're urging for because they remember what you sought last time, and the time before, and the time before, and what you ordered and then came all the way from another country to pick up because it was dealyed... I'm trying to spread my buys, since I cannot afford going there everyday collecting stacks of books (that I wouldn't have the time to read right now anyway ;)

Hey! Seems like my bluetooth decided to work after all! Here's half an hour ago:
And now: getting on with another golden day. Sun rays stretching in my ceiling windows... church bells ringing... having friends from France, Tromsø, Denmark passing by (on their way up north) for coffee afterwards (*bubbling heart*) - that I haven't seen in 7 years (*painful sting*) - Cannot wait... Mmm...

Nu er vi så her

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