Saturday, May 9

information for breakfast?

Very quiet here, in the centre of Copenhagen this morning
Seems unreal, actually :)
But I'm sure once I get to the coffee bar...:
Nope. Closed?

The commuters to Denmark's most frequented intersection Nørreport
are still in bed at a distance this morning

and this much for Information for breakfast...
Even Baresso...?
Kultorvet waking up

mmm... promising for a splendid Saturday...
and for my breaks in between the writing
I don't know who Jørgen Holst is, but he's got a lovely green house, with a fabulous door!
The sun sneaking down between the buildings of inner city -
I'm going by the Den kinesiske butik in Rosengården later on today
They have (amongst other) excellent green teas and very reasonably priced tea cups and saucers
Yes -
apparently that's what Copenhagen still does before 8 on a Saturday morning ;)

And it's wonderful to quietly watch her

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