Thursday, May 28

yarn in klosterstræde

off the corner of Skindergade when you walk from Jorcks passage towards Købmagergade
walk past the road for Graabrødre Torv
there it is!
Bette Design - a world of yarn
this is some of the loveliest thin, thin baby alpacca I have ever felt
BC yarn
definitively something for a new project
and this hand dyed Manos del Uruguay of course...
just have to finish my Koigu project first!

I am a silk blend person...
one of my all time favourites
Nikolaj yarn
lamb's wool, alpacca and tussah silk


siggen said...

Ha - ha, jeg strikker akkurat på en topp i Silkbloom:

femiknitter said...

utrolig morsomt :) ser deilig ut!