Monday, June 29


Sunday, June 28

a taste of vacation

In 20 hours or so my vacation starts... Mmm! Cannot wait. Am so tired and looking forward to it. This evening I went for a walk at Amager Strand and was really tempted by the idea of summer holiday in Denmark... I haven't had summer vacation for two years. That's not healthy ;) It's going to be a long day tomorrow. Was planning to work again now, but... Might as well get to bed and get up early... Good night!

time for a break...

I had planned a break with a long walk over Søerne between 15 an 17 or so today, and then to have an evening session with more writing when I returned. Instead I have been working intensively and without interruption, and finished most of the creative writing that I hoped to get done today. Now I'm heading out. All day long in-door, by the balcony - with the appartment aired by cool summer wind between open doors and windows - on what has probably been the finest summer day all year in Cph... :) Will catch up on that now. And simply do some minor less creativity demanding tasks when I return.

À plus!

need for nutrition

6 rows - and then writing again - progressing on both

really like the rose wood needles :)
this big now

subconscious urge to do smth else?

Handcrafted Electronic Neohuman Responsible for Infiltration, Efficient Troubleshooting and Thorough Exploration

Get Your Cyborg Name

defrosting chilled water for a summer day

way too early morning

I woke up right after 07h. That is way too early when I had worked until 01h30 (finishing off by a few rows of raspberry). The summer sun directly through my ceiling window is too much, when I have not had windows open on both sides to get some moving air... (And weekends it's somewhat too noisy to have it opened towards the street at 4h in the morning - at least if you have to get up the next day ;) Waking up early, overheated is - - - not ideal. A bit of Kilimanjaro and a sip of green tea and I managed to fall asleep on the couch again :) - luckily...

Now: ready to start the two last intense work days before my pre dead line.

la vie en rose

Saturday, June 27

the white wine break

...with raspberry knitting under the trees... the most peaceful spot in Cph
30 metres from Strøget - Restaurant Vingaarden - Nikolaj Plads

this warm :)

intensive productive formidable


This morning I went to the Uni for a print, and something happened to my access card, so I couln't get in. A lovely, helpful lady named Jane helped me out with prints, and saved the entire work weekend and the last days before my deadline. Thank you! (not that I think she reads this, but...) Afterwards I got sushi for early lunch at Kultorvet before heading for Paludan to work my way through the text.


Lovely Saturday!

started the day knitting at the balcony

It gets just about warm enough at night, that waking up is definitely faciltated by fresh, cool air at the balcony that hasn't yet been hit by sun rays in the early morning.
Combined with a few rows of Manos and a few rows of Nikolaj on my new rose wood knitting gear
and a cup of green tea - - - :) - - - perfect...


The somewhat more planned event was VETO at Fredagsrock in Tivoli
thousands of fans who all knew the lyrics by heart greeted the band.

mj at rådhuspladsen

8000 people at Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen yesterday - all sitting down for 2 minutes' silence between the djs and the live musicians at 23h26 - 24hrs after Michael Jackson died.
The idea of the event (21h-24h) came 01h30 the night before
- quite impressive what they managed to mobilize in 19 hours!