Wednesday, June 3


Apéro: pistachies, grilled sun flower seeds, tortilla chips, salsa and home made guacamole with avocados, garlic and creme fraîche - with Riesling

Entrée 1: fois gras au pain grillé filone et pain grillé d'epices - accompagné de Champagne

Entrée 2: serrano ham with fresh green asparagus, parma cheese and olive oil - accompagné de Riesling

Entrée 3: spicy tomatoe soup with spring onions, Samsø onions, leek, chilis (red and green), consommé de veau. tomatoes, tons of fresh basil, olive oil, butter, salt and pepper - accompagné de Bordeaux Rouge

Plat de résistance: filets d'agneaux marinées à la Provence, pommes sarladaises - accompagné de Bordeaux Rouge

Fromages: Comté et Brie de Pays - accompagné de Bordeaux Rouge

Dessert: lemon and brown sugar marinated Danish strawberries with italian 'home made' vanilla ice cream (Aroma ice creams, Vor Frue Plads) - accompagné de choix

Coffee and Les Fleurs de Paris tea with Anton Berg & After Eight (and Kinder egg for those who prefer children's chocolate...)

The lot with flûtes filone

Mmm... & best of all, of course: good conversations all along the way...

Good night :-*

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