Wednesday, June 24

stress relief

I managed to forget my knitting when I was back home, and although my fingers disagree, I have an urge to knit to get real breaks in the writing. Today I couldn't wait any longer, and went to Klosterstræde to buy the Manos del Uruguay yarn I have been yearning for all summer. That is; I had a hard time deciding whether to go for Manos (silk/wool blend) - that I haven't tried yet - or the Nikolaj yarn (silk, alpacca, lamb's wool blend) that I adore. Luckily I needed more than one skein, so I got one of each, and have started my new Raspberry Smoothie-shawl. What you see is all I could knit before my hands started aching, so now I'll move to the balcony and the shadow to write on my thesis instead.

As you may see I have also read about film, gender, feminism, violence and ethics - Anne Gjelsvik, Lilian Munk Rösing and Elisabeth Møller Jensen critisizing Munk Rösing, this afternoon.

Really inspired now... :)


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