Thursday, July 30

assistens cemetery

green louisiana

nikolaj plads

pouring outgames

cph july

beautiful boat trip

- - -

the glyptotek

so proud!

Thursday, July 9

windy, but still summer...

after the heat

... a more than average summer day offers a next to empty beach :)


Sunday, July 5

'return of the mama'

- declared by my eldest son as I seemed to be winning the second basket competition (21) of the afternoon... That was before I beat him the last two, too :D

(just needed to blog that, since there seems to be longer and longer periods between each time I manage to give him any kind of competition like I used to ;)


incredibly slow day

After a week of warm, warm, sunny summer, today it's somewhat cloudy and lovely for indoor relaxation. I hazard a guess we'll go for a walk listening to some of the Cph jazz festival concerts this afternoon, but it'll be spontaneous - if and when we feel like it...

I have washed beach towels - it's still warm and dry enough for them to be hung on the balcony. I have read, I have just sat there, I have semi slept, while the kids have played games and hide away and more games and secret things and seem to be enjoying every second of the day as much as I am... There is no restlessness within reach in any direction - I need more of this for much longer to get there ~ Lovely thing it's only the beginning of my vacation...

(And I adore the tiles in the bath room)

Saturday, July 4

blind willow, sleeping woman

Murakami on the shore

our private spot

sunny hot

no more solitary breakfasts ;)

more raspberries