Tuesday, September 29

Monday, September 28


Monday, September 21


Monday, September 7


let the right one in

urgent need for oxygen

cinnamon buns with hazel nuts

sweetened with raisin water - mmm...

ingrid and alma's muffins!

saturday morning

~ american pancakes and scones ~

rice paper spring rolls

Wednesday, September 2

chicken, broccoli, peanut butter

More from Oscar Umahro Cadogan :)

where I am II

sunday breakfast

a room with a view

what we are looking forward to

State of Play - the series

where I am

apple tart - with raisin water sweetening

Inspired by Oscar Umahro Cadogan's cook book Køkkenrevolution på høje hæle that I was offered this summer, I made a delicious apple tart with no sweetening except raisin water. It tasted delicious!

monday morning