Friday, February 19



Tuesday, February 16


I thought for a moment there, that I had left my Moleskine at C&de yesterday :-O
luckily I was wrong :-S

take me...

Monday, February 15

happy feet! :-)

< 3

someone's bound to be happy

picking up this again

I knew it would come to use :-S

Sunday, February 14

ottolenghi's muffins

bread for school
zest d'orange
cinammon, salt, baking powder, sugar, flour
what was left after the first double dough
butter, milk, eggs, orange and lemon zest, marzipan
chocolate chunks
banana chunks
Ottolenghi's - mmmmmmmmm!

Saturday, February 13

saturday studying and ice skating at store stokkavann

terrace breakfast in the sun

Jamie's American pancakes, bacon, butter and maple syrup - and sweet, sweet oranges! :)

sunny winter - uos

whatever's at hand...

perfect start of a very good work week

weekend breakfast

enough out door!


sunday breakfast

Scones, cheddar, lemon curd, marmelade, mmm... :)

frozen in balloon by the family's youngest :)